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Welcome everyone to my blog all about my freshman friend. A little background: I'm currently a senior in high school. I met my FF (she will remain nameless) in the beginning of the school year, one morning when she sat down next to me and offered me a piece of gum. I said yes, and the rest is history.

My FF is a morning person. She is obsessed with Cuba. She's afraid of birds and thinks our school is haunted because crows like to hang out on the power lines. Her Dad raises pigeons which she hates because he talks to them more than he talks to her. She likes to complain about "our generation." And she likes to elbow me to wake me up when I am trying to sleep / ignore her in the morning.

All I've mentioned above, yeah, that pretty much happened within the first week I met her. Basically I'm starting up this blog because there's only a few months before school ends and I graduate. So many funny things have happened with her that I've already forgotten about. So, every day I will write about all the crazy shit she does. Enjoy my misery.
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